How to Build Credit for New Immigrants or If You Have to, For Yourself

It’s very difficult to know where to start to build credit when you don’t have any. Financial institutions and creditor’s see new immigrants and people born here who have no credit at all as a high risk since they often don’t have any history to support their request for credit. If you search Google for “Canada Credit Cards” you will find more helpful information to help you along. Here are a few simple ways to get your credit started and to improve your credit so that lending Institutions and Creditor’s will start to give you a chance and approve you for credit.
Understand how credit works.
Get a credit report through Equifax or Trans Union to see what you have associated with your name. Sometimes you may not know you already have some positive credit created and sometimes you will find out you have a few things that are looked upon negatively, that you can then take care of.
Use cheques & Open a Bank Account Savings with Overdraft in Your Name
When you do this you automatically start a paper trail the banks can track that, will put you in a good light with creditors. Make sure your cheques don’t bounce and your overdraft is always paid, showing responsible payment histories.
Have your work cheques deposited into your account and pay your bills through the Bank.
Once again this is all recorded and will show a good history of bills being paid on time or at least the minimum balance being paid. Your utilities (electric bill, gas bill, phone and internet) will also support a positive payment history.
Apply for a secure Credit Card through a Bank
This is a credit card that will hold (even a minimum balance of $500.00) until you have shown that you can use it, pay off the balance owing or minimum balance creating good responsible history that lending companies can track. Once they have seen you are responsible you can ask them to turn it into an unsecured credit card and continue showing the banks you are worthy of credit as you pay the minimum or complete balance off each month.
Remember the sooner you start your credit history the more positive credit you can generate. Many accountants will tell you that the best credit obtained is the longest credit history that indicates you have a job or income revenue coming in and that you are responsible for making payments to support your request for a loan or more credit.
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