6 Top Small Business Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Majority of small business owners are their own “brand.” Given below are 6 small business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs where they themselves can be the distinctive factor.
1. Image Consultancy
Due to the general obsession with looks, image consultancy is becoming a lucrative business. Whether its clothing, hair or make up, helping others decide how to look is a serious matter. To become an image consultant, you should have a genuine interest in the work and take a relevant course.
2. Life Coaches
Majority of people these days, whether they are successful or unsuccessful, want to solve the issues that they are facing in their lives. Some are going through a bad marriage, others are struggling with low self-esteem, and many of these people want help. If you believe that you can listen to problems and give sound, practical advice, then you may want to consider life coaching.
3. Services to Home-based Business
Running a home-based business is a good idea, but providing services to people working from home is even better. Here are some small business ideas: deliver products for a home-based business; create an online community for home-based business persons; provide maintenance services for home offices.
4. Art Dealers
People from all walks of life are investing in art these days, as it is increasingly becoming a lucrative investment. Of course, the business requires some passion for and understanding of art. Another possibility is becoming a local arts and crafts vendor for clients abroad. You may also want to consider starting a website on art.
5. Social Media Specialist
Nowadays, having an established site for your small business is not enough – you have to make use of social media sites to market your business. The job of a social media consultant is to help business owners by promoting their products/services on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and similar sites.
6. Reviewers
Reviewers, or critics, are people who are willing to give their opinion about a restaurant, a store, a hotel, a film or anything that needs to be reviewed. The advantages of this job include: free travel, free products/services that you have to review, the chance to closely look at different types of ventures and meet people from different walks of life and payment for your opinion.
All of the above-mentioned small business ideas provide you the opportunity to become your own brand. What better way to work?