6 unique ways to use the Crescendo Sales App

To face new commercial challenges in a constantly changing world, it is important for companies to know how to effectively manage their resources, the flow of information must be efficient and accessible to all stakeholders and customers.

Over the past few years, the world has undergone drastic changes in every aspect of life. The pandemic is forcing every company, especially growing businesses, to find new ways to stay connected with their customers and maintain cash flow. This article is for those who want to explore the benefits that Crescendo has to offer: how to use technology to manage sales and make the most of existing resources.

Port Cities will list out the main features in Crescendo Sales, one of the most common applications on Crescendo and how they can help your sales process run more smoothly.

Crescendo – The best ERP for growing business

Crescendo’s open-source nature allows you to choose from hundreds of applications that best suit your company’s needs and thanks to the interconnections between applications, Crescendo is one of the best Business Management Software in 2021, and the most suitable choice. for small businesses because of its affordability, scalability and usability.


Crescendo Sales App

The sales enablement app on Crescendo allows the Sales team to create offers and share them directly with customers by giving customers access to relevant information about their purchases and staying in touch with the Sales team: all interactions in one place.

With Crescendo, your customers can view online offers or complex comparisons of offers. This happens right after a customer sends an RFQ: no information is lost as Crescendo tracks and records all necessary data throughout every step of the sales process. The aggregated data about the customer will help the seller to provide the best offer according to the created profile and its requirements. See an example of how these insurance brokers are able to advise on the most suitable and personalized choice of insurance plans among a huge database, to each of their customers, using Crescendo Sales.

As your business grows, you can adopt and integrate more Crescendo apps to help you further e.g. You can add Website or Point of Sales modules and even external sales channels like Amazon and connect them to the sales process. Let’s find out how you can use the Crescendo Sales module to improve your Sales strategy.

1. Pricing

You can create and configure your company’s pricing strategy on Crescendo by creating price lists or pricing rules. You can define pricing rules based on time (example: End of season sale), based on quantity purchased (e.g. buy three, get 10% off), by customer group, and many other possibilities.

Special coupons and discount programs, which are fully customizable on Crescendo, will help companies retain customers and drive more sales.

Define your pricing strategy

Crescendo offers three ways to implement a pricing strategy:

  • Discounts: This option allows you to apply discounts directly to your customer orders (either RFQ or SO), however you like.
  • Pricelists:This feature enables multiple pricing options per product according to: Customer Segmentation, Seasonal Pricing, Price per minimum quantity, Price per country, etc.
  • Coupons: Share coupon codes with your customers that can be used instantly in their purchases.

For the proposal of this article, we will focus on the Pricelists function and its variants.

Configure Your Pricelist

First of all, to implement a pricing strategy for your products, open the Crescendo Sales app, in the menu Settings → Price Lists (Pricelists), make sure to enable the function by clicking the checkbox.

To set up a rule, go to the link labeled Price List or, if you prefer, from the menu Products → Price List → Create. When the new window appears, enter the Reference (name) for the price list first so you can easily identify it, then proceed to add the Pricing rule.

A pop-up window will show you the Apply option which will allow you to specify which products/product categories/product variants the pricing rule will apply to. You can choose between three methods of calculating Price (fixed price, discount and formula) and also configure the amount and period for which the pricing conditions will apply. The set of rules you choose will apply to future Quotations and Sales Orders.


2. Increase your sales by upselling

Increasing sales volume is every company’s business goal, which remains a priority during difficult times like the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why Crescendo has features for upselling products that customers may not know about during the sales process, such as products or accessories related to the main product the customer is looking at. Configuring this option not only allows you to increase sales, but also allows the customer to gain access to special discounts or gifts that he or she is not aware of, making top selling a win-win situation.

Add upselling products

To enable this functionality, open the Sales app, in the Products → Products menu. Select a product in your database and use the Sales tab to add the Optional Product you want to sell with the main product, Once you are done, just save the changes and next time the customer selects the main product they will be able to see similar or complementary products to their order.


3. Effective team management

As the business grows the priority to increase the productivity of human resources is becoming more and more relevant. To this end, Crescendo has the option for your company to create and manage as many sales teams as you need, set targets for each team, and track their progress.

to create a new Sales Team, just go to the menu Configuration → Sales Team → Create.


Make everyone a part of the team by creating a sense of belonging and strengthening corporate identity. You can choose a team leader for your Sales team and add as many members as you need.

Since no sales team is the same as another, once you’ve established team members and leaders, setting invoice targets can help you motivate your Sales team to work together and achieve those goals. Having a common goal helps the team create strong bonds with each other.

Dashboard (Dashboard)

From the Orders → Sales Team menu, you have access to a dashboard where you can easily visualize the work each team is doing, how sales targets are progressing and the status of pending orders.

4. Reach international market

Using the Multi-currency option on Crescendo allows you to create sales documents in multiple currencies, so reaching international markets will be as easy as doing business with your best clients.

Multi-currency is an option that needs to be enabled from the Accounting/Invoice module. One of the biggest benefits of having this feature is expanding your market and reaching new targets.

Enable multi-currency 

From the Invoicing / Accounting module select the Configuration menu → Settings → Check the Foreign Currency checkbox → Save Foreign Currency Activation. Crescendo will automatically fill in the appropriate Journal entries and accounts to register activities in foreign currencies.

Once this function is activated, you can select as many currencies as you want by simply activating the currency.

Configuration is complete once you have selected the required currency, then it will be available for direct use in Sales Orders and Invoices as it best suits your business.

5. User portal

Crescendo also gives customers the option to manage relevant information from the user portal. Sharing certain information with your customers gives them the possibility to read and view information related to their order and stay updated so that your team can focus on other activities without failing to keep the customer informed.

Provide access to customers

Even though the access configuration is in the Contacts module, it resonates directly in the sales process and we’ll see why next.