Are You Being Consistent?

Being consistent in business means building not only your credibility but also your dependability factor with your clients and others you do business with.
Sometimes, credibility may seem like one of the hardest things to build in your business, but once you have it, it brings some of the most beneficial rewards.
Being consistent in your business, consistent with your messages, and consistent in really everything you do, will let your clients know they can count on you. When your clients know they can count on you, without a shadow of a doubt, amazing things happens. As your clients come to depend on you and know you to be credible and consistent, you become their go-to person.
They don’t look anywhere else for their answers. They come to you because you have built know… like… and trust with them and you have shown them they can count on you not just once in a while, but every single time!
So what does it mean to be consistent?
Let’s say you have a newsletter, whether you send it in the mailbox, or send it online via email like an ezine, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you send it consistently. Does it come out at the same time every week, or every month, or however often it is that you send it? Is it always there on time, no matter what?
It seems like such a little thing, but your clients notice.
So, say you have an ezine, and it goes out once a week – let’s say it goes out on Friday. So every Friday, your clients are counting on you to send that information. What happens when it’s not there? Your clients call you, they email you, they get a hold of you, and want to know if everything is ok, because once they come to have an expectation that you’re going to do something, they expect they will get it on a consistent basis from you.
Think about consistency from your own perspective. Wouldn’t you rather work with people who do business in a consistent way? Or would you rather work with people who aren’t reliable and consistent?
You should try your best to be consistent with everything in your business.
Strive for consistency in the message you’re delivering, the way your phones are answered, the colors you use in branding, logos and marketing, your office hours, the way people are treated when they deal with you or anybody in your company, and everything else you can possibly think of.
Credibility and dependability go hand-in-hand. Becoming the go-to person for your industry starts by you being consistent in your business, in your marketing, your messages, and in your life in general.