Book Promotion Mistakes – Do You Make These Three Profit-Sucking Mistakes In Your Book Promotion?

If you have a book or e-book that you need to sell you may already realise that books do not sell themselves. In this article I show you how to avoid the three biggest mistakes that will prevent you successfully promoting your book.
Mistake 1 – Not Having A Dedicated Blog
You’ve done all the hard work in creating your book. So you already have all the content you need. To not take the extra baby step of publishing extracts from your book as blog posts is madness.
What To Do Instead
It’s so easy and cheap to get a blog these days. You can get someone from Fiverr to install WordPress for you for $5. So there is no excuse, even if you lack the technical know-how to set up a blog yourself. Your book is a ready source of already-written articles – so put them to use! Get your WordPress blog installed this week and start posting extracts from your book to your blog. Simply take content from your book in 200-300 word sections and publish them to your blog.
Mistake 2 – Ignoring Article Marketing As A Promotion Mechanism
Many people who go as far as creating an e-book from their physical book will neglect to post book extracts to article marketing websites.
What To Do Instead
Post extracts from your book to article marketing sites. It’s free, you retain copyright and you can benefit from the significant amount of traffic that these sites attract. is the largest and most established article directory on the internet. It’s also the most professionally run article site. The fact that all articles are reviewed by human editors ensures their quality standards. If you want your book extracts to be read, there can hardly be a better place for them so be seen. Ensure you include a link back to where you’re your book is sold in a resource box at the end of your article, you are very likely to get many visitors to your book’s sales page. The more book extracts you submit as articles, the more links you will get to your sales page. Which means better search engine ranking and more eyeballs for your sales page.
Mistake 3 – Treating Book Promotion As A One-off Activity
Zig Ziglar was once quoted as saying “Motivation, like bathing, doesn’t last – that’s why I recommend it daily.” The same is true of promotion – the effects of promotion do not last, and that’s why you should consider carrying it out daily.
What To Do Instead
Just taking one promotion action, one time is not enough. To be effective, book promotion involves taking consistent actions over time. I recommend allocating a 90 day timescale in which to promote your book. It’s consistent, simple promotion actions done repeatedly that will be the most effective. If you want to turbo-charge your book promotion and avoid these three profit-sucking mistakes, use the recommendations I’ve shared in this article.