How To Focus On Your Branding At The Start Of Design?

Branding can be a fun way to show off your personality and express creativity. Branding is something that will make your company unified and professional. While true, it can also destroy a brand before it even starts, so it pays to get it right the first time. It can be all too tempting to add all types of styles to your collection of ideas, but this can convolute and cause confusion without any real vision.

There is no denying that some brands are just perfect for their branding and Apple has to be the best brand for this. With its simplicity and elegance, it is the epitome of minimalist branding. This can be tricky to do by yourself, so speaking to a branding agency Manchester based will get you started on the right track to success.

Look At Your Competitors

A great way of saving time when creating your brand identity is by creating a mood board that has all of your competitor’s brands which includes their logos and unique selling points. The reason for creating these mood boards is that you could risk creating a brand that you find amazing, but you then find out that it is far too similar to one of your competitors. This is not what you want at all as the point of branding is about showing your differentiators.

You should consider going the opposite of what others are doing, so if everyone has monochrome colouring with black and white, pick a colour that stands out from them such as orange. By doing this early stages, you will find that this guides your brand identity.

Put Function First

If you are struggling to come up with your business branding, you should focus on what your product or service is, as this will determine what your branding should be. Minimalist branding suits products or services that prioritise the product, the content and the accessibility of your business.

This means that it should not include any elements that cause the audience to be confused. If you do have anything that can confuse the audience, then take away elements until your branding has the least amount of elements that can still portray your brand. 

Create Visual Hierarchy

Make it extremely clear what the focus point of your branding is and where your audience should cast their eyes first. To do this, you need to think of what is the most important piece of information and then focus on that. This is the fun part as you can play with designs and the element or elements that are included in the branding. This includes typography, size composition, colour schemes and what elements you can contrast between one another. 

Final Thoughts

There are many different thoughts when it comes to minimalist branding, but by following these tips on how minimalist branding can be implemented into your business, you will find that you are off to a very strong start. If you do find that you are struggling with creating your design, then having a design agency Leeds or Manchester based will get you some of the best talents in the UK.