Nissan Magnite can only get 4-star in a crash test, here’s the reason

PT Nissan Motor Distributor authoritatively dispatched the Nissan Magnet on Monday (21/12/2020). The Nissan Magnet got four stars dependent on the consequences of an accident test led by the Asian NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) announced by Idea Carnives.

With a star rating, this is astonishing. The explanation is that the majority of the vehicles today have precise or star crash test results. So what is the reason for star Nissan Magnet crash test?

In light of Asian NCAP information detailed by the car business, the Nissan Magnet offers unrivaled insurance for more established travelers. Drivers are in danger of chest wounds while the front end is in danger and the front traveler is at generally safe.

Fortunately the side hit test was acceptable. The driver and front travelers have chest and head security. 1.00.00 to 12..87 front strike and 1.00.00 to 1.22. side strike.

Disappointed kid traveler wellbeing for .00 .00.00 to .91..9. Focuses. The Front Strike Test scored 1.00.00 to 82.822 and the Side Strike Test scored 16.00 to 00.00.

In the interim, the Nissan Magnet is supported by moderately complete security highlights. These incorporate Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake Power Distribution (EBD), Hydraulic Brake Support (HBA), Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Vibration Control System (TCS) and Hill Start Acid (HSA).