Picturing Success – The Winning Tool For Online Business

Having a vision of success before it really happens is a winning tool for online business. Generally this means that we become what we think about. What do you think of this statement? Do you agree?
You are entitled of course to your personal opinion. I believe 100{afe232c3ea7dcee0a9b500e712c36ed73e0bf8021eb768210a7cfcc3f030476e} in the statement. Every successful person puts a huge part of his or her success down to his or her ability to visualize success before it happens. This means dwelling on the end result. Of course you still have to take action. Taking action when you are fully confident of the result puts you in a completely different environment.
But how do you go confidently on the end result? To create such a strong, clear vision, you only need to release your endless imagination. Make a vision so powerful that when you finally accomplish your goal, you have a sense of reliving, i.e., “haven’t I experienced this before?” Yes, you had it in your imagination a thousand times before.
I use this power of envisioning success in the making of anything I want to achieve. For example, I saw myself having already completed this article before I began. This ‘thinking from the end’ attitude will cause you to behave as if all you want to happen in your life is already here totally accomplished.
Imagine yourself to be and you shall inner speech is uniquely your own creation and it’s responsible for attracting what you think about yourself or anything else. And since it’s your own creation, you can choose whether your thoughts control you or whether you control your thoughts. This is commonly known as “The Power of Attraction”. But if I had to boil down the message, it would be this: simply convert your inner feelings to what you intend the new circumstances of your life will be.
Of course just envisioning success is not enough. Just thinking of a new car on your driveway will not make one appear. You have to take action, too! But using this simple technique of clearly picturing and visualizing what you want and then taking action will result in unforeseen and surprising positive changes to your personal life. But remember – you need to do both.
And let me quickly add that this envisioning success is not some highfalutin theory. Fortune 500 companies train their sales people using these exact strategies. Jack Canfield, the bestselling author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ said that envisioning success before it happened was the one thing that helped him stay motivated to achieve it.
Here are some famous and not-so-famous real life examples of individuals who visualized success before they got there and the barriers they faced on the road.
– When Jerry Seinfeld and co-creator Larry David began to pitch Seinfeld, they were commented that nobody will watch a show about nothing.
– Fred Smith was told that FEDEX will have no market because major airline companies would be handling it already. But look at FEDEX today.
– Ted Turner’s plans for CNN was once downed because it was perceived that a worldwide twenty-four-hour news network will never work. Today, would you say that to CNN still?
– The design for a jet by Bill Lear had gathered thoughts that it will be a big risk and that it will never fly. Now, look the jet is a major innovation completely operational, bringing ease and luxury to travel.
– IBM, Intel, HP and Atari had all made predictions that computers will only be for personal use as a hobby. This has never been true.
Make a habit to practice thinking from the end. Do it every day. Constantly think that you will become what you want to be. Coupled with the necessary action, the bigger percentage to succeed will always prevail.