My Greatest Shot What If A Mars Rover Landed In Leeds? Peter Mitchells Greatest Photograph

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Since getting that first D1 in early 2000, I’ve now shot a complete of 52 completely different Nikon digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras. Many had been incremental upgrades to an existing design, however some, like the D3 and now Z9, have been groundbreaking of their features and image quality. Now, simply removing that small hard drive from the digital camera and connecting it to a computer meant you could “process” your pictures anywhere, anytime, after which transmit them to the paper. Even if you weren’t traveling, it meant you can keep longer at an event since you didn’t need to think about time to course of movie when returning. Italian photographer Simone Bossi charges his pictures with a singular emotive power not often found within the universe of architectural photography….

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