Tips For Setting Up a Basic Online Store

Setting up a basic online store can help you build a new business, or it can help increase the reach of an existing one. Although setting up a web store may sound daunting, there are a variety of store and e-commerce solution providers that can make this task easy, even for a novice.
Use A Website Store Vendor
Some websites, such as payment processors and auction sites, offer hosted store builders so that you can easily create your own shop. These are usually full-featured in that they simplify payment and fulfilment processes. Depending on your branding needs, you may find the selection of branding options limited.
E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Software
With e-commerce and shopping cart software, you can have your e-commerce site hosted on your own web server. If you choose this option, evaluate shopping cart solutions carefully to find the one that best suits your business. Different types of carts tend to work better for different types of operations. For example, some are ideal for selling tangible goods, and others are geared towards distributing electronic media.
As far as appearance, e-commerce software themes and templates are usually easy to customise, so your site can retain your brand’s identity.
Establishing Trust
Regardless of the type of store you choose, it’s important to establish trust in the minds of your customers.
A few ways you can establish trust when you set up a basic online store is to adhere to your brand standards. Your site should look professional, with polished graphics and well-written content. The user experience should be smooth and streamlined.
Beyond having an attractive and well-designed store, you’ll also want to consider your web store’s security. If you choose to host with a web store provider, the provider should have security measures in place.
If you choose a self-hosted store, however, you’ll want to consider your customers’ financial and identity safety by ensuring you have secure socket layers (SSL) installed on the store’s web server. If cost is a concern, look for a Free SSL certificate provider.
Along with using a free SSL certificate, you can also seek third-party seals of approval to help customers feel comfortable shopping at your site.
Promoting Your Store
Once your store is in place, you’ll want to promote it. This can be done easily and inexpensively using social media. Establishing your business on one or two well-chosen social media platforms helps you reach people who might otherwise be unaware of your offerings.
Monitoring Traffic
When setting up your store, don’t overlook setting up traffic monitoring. Tracking visitors, and their movements, will help you understand which of your promotions are most effective, as well as which parts of your store best convert viewers to buyers.