Wedded With Insurance!

Wedding insurance does not fall under traditional policies and hence unknown to many. Wedding is a special occasion that stays fresh in our minds for the rest of our lives. Especially in countries like India, it can mean a lot of happiness and a lot of money! It is planned months ahead and people make sure that everything goes on smoothly.
In spite of these plans and preparations sometimes, bad luck can blow off the day and lead to financial loss. It is therefore prudent and smart to spend a small amount of money on wedding insurance to help get one’s wedding back on track without having to worry about the wasted expense.
What it covers
Wedding insurance covers the damage of the wedding place due to fire and similar hazards. It covers the illness or accidental injury to the bride, groom and close relatives. Jewels are imperative in Indian weddings and the policy covers all the jewelry and any huge sum of money kept at your house during the wedding.
It also covers the legal liability that can arise in case any third party property is damaged during the wedding or third party injury or illness caused due to accidents/ damage to the venue and food poisoning during the wedding.
Natural disasters are erratic, they can create havoc in a fraction of a second, and if such bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall or natural disasters like flood or earthquake leads to the cancellation or postponement of the wedding, the policy will cover the cost of rescheduling.
The policy also covers the loss if your caterer, photographer, or other volunteers who arrange the wedding ceremony are not present at the time of the wedding.
In this manner, Wedding Insurance provides you full protection against all the unavoidable circumstances and makes your wedding secure.
What it excludes
The insurance will not cover cancellation of the wedding due to dispute between marriage parties or any other criminal act. The insurer will not cover your willful negligence if any, at the time of taking the policy.
The policy will also not cover the expenses if the wedding happens to get cancelled due to any act of terrorism, Kidnapping of the bride or groom, or criminal misconduct of the bride, bridegroom or their parents.
There are many insurers offering this insurance in India. Mostly the wedding insurance proposals do not come directly from the beneficiaries rather it always comes from the event management companies who organize the wedding ceremonies because they are much involved on the business side of the wedding.
Though it is not very popular yet, the awareness is growing among the youngsters who think it is prudent to spend a small portion of their money to secure their once in a life time event.