Are You Staying on Top of Search Engine Marketing News Like Apple Maps?

This is no rumor. Apple plans to remove Google’s integration into its mapping platform on iPhones, iPads and even iPods. In June, Apple provided iOS 6 developers with its new mapping product, which is planned to be release in Fall 2012. The release of Apple Maps makes a dramatic impact on local search engine marketing. Smartphones make up a large part of the cell phone market and iPhones are a large part of that smartphone market. This means people searching locally on the iPhone will now have a different set of results than currently, swaying the market of local search a bit.
Although speculating on the change could be fun, it is important to focus on the facts that have been released. Apple Maps is said to use Yelp when providing local data that includes businesses, ratings, reviews and media. However, it has been said that Localeze will be a source of data aggregation.
What Does This Mean for SEM?
Locally this will have a large impact on where local search is being done. Currently Google controls the local market with so many avenues to search on. With the upcoming changes to Apple phones, this could be a large shift in the market. While most local online marketing companies focus solely on Google it is important to plan for any shift in the local search market. Small businesses that have focused their energy on reviews around the web but neglected Yelp may find themselves being overlooked.
Search engine marketing news like this is important to follow when advertising locally on Google, Bing and other search engines. However, it could be more important to prepare for any upcoming changes by diversifying your efforts. Local online marketing companies that provide customers with a complete web presence, such as Local SEO Sites, will continue to thrive on new platforms.
Local search has changed rapidly over the past few years. With this new upcoming change to Apple iPhones, we can see it will continue to break new ground. It will continue to evolve and adapt to what searchers want and need locally. With changes to mapping offered by Apple Maps, we could see a change in how searchers react to data that is associated with their search. Things like better traffic information and multiple routes to choose from may result in a new destination decision for local searchers. This could mean a huge change to how local search is used in the future.
By keeping current with data aggregation changes, new platforms and apps, and focusing on the web as a whole, companies can avoid a decrease in local traffic during the upcoming changes. The days of simply throwing up a website with a few local business directory submissions have become long gone. Currently local search relies on completing a web presence to be found in every place possible. The future relies on tailoring your small business web presence for searchers with real time data and reviews.