The Single Most Important Question in Business!

Why should I choose you?
It is a question you are asked in so many ways, thousands of times every day:
• What do you do?
• Why should I buy your product or service?
• What makes you different?
• Can you give me a better price?
• Why should I work for you?
• Why shouldn’t I leave to take that job offer from our competitor?
• Why should I hire you?
• Why should I invest in you?
• Why should I be on your board?
• Why should I donate to your cause?
• Why should I volunteer for your organization?
• Why should I buy your book?
• Why should I read your blog?
• Why should I subscribe to your newsletter?
• Why should I visit your website?
• Why should I return to your website?
• Why should I trust your brand?
• Why should I come to your store?
• Why should I attend your public speaking presentation?
• Why should I attend your conference?
• Why should I visit your tradeshow booth?
• Why should I subscribe to your RSS feed?
• Why should I vote for you?
• Why should approve your recommendation?
• Why should I join your workgroup?
• Why should I attend your function?
• Why should I return your call or email?
• Why should I partner with you?
• Why should I, as a supplier, give you special treatment?
• Why should I give you a loan or a line of credit?
• Why should I give you a grant?
• Why should I sponsor your event?
These questions come from every area of a company: product development, research and development, finance, manufacturing, human resources, operations, marketing, sales, branding, merchandising, purchasing and IT.
A clear, concise and compelling answer to the question “Why should I choose you?” will shape every area of your business at every level:
• How successfully you develop products and services
• How convincingly you brand, market and advertise
• How quickly and easily you sell
• How cooperatively your executive team works
• How you inspire your employees to perform at a higher level
• How effectively you attract the right talent
• How credibly you communicate with – and get agreement from – your shareholders and board
• How effectively you manage suppliers
• How valuable you are to strategic partners
• How quickly you are able to innovate and adapt
• How powerfully people – internally and externally – tell your story and sell your brand
Why should I choose you? A question with such far reaching implications everywhere and at every level of your organization. That is what makes it the single most important question in business.